Back From the Gallows

So, the office is now a ghost town.

My “meeting” was over in a matter of minutes. I got my end date and was told I could go home if I wished…

You don’t have to tell me twice.

I knew it was coming and this really was the best case scenario but it doesn’t take the sting out of it. Not one bit.

It was almost farcical because we all knew what the tap on the shoulder meant and I think I was the first to go in. That is actually a relief because it would have been worse to wait- and there were still some people waiting when I left.

At least the severance was more than the absolute minimum required by law but people asked me if I was offered a bonus to stay to the end date. I asked them what that was…. As if.

It is still sinking in. I don’t want people to feel bad for me because I honestly believe that it is going to be worse for those who stay but my knee-jerk physical response to extreme stress, irritation or anger are tears. It still is the only socially “acceptable” response for women. A punching bag would have been nice but there wasn’t one handy.

Some people were heading to the designated bar for drinks immediately. I’m going to head there in a few hours to take advantage of the $3.50 pints during happy hour. I am going to pinch those pennies until they cry but what I really want to do is going for some shopping therapy.

I think I am going to move some heavy furniture around to try and work off some of this anger and frustration. Then I’ll regroup, drink my face off, get back in time to watch Caprica and sober up before the bonspiel tomorrow.

I am not looking forward to the conversation I am going to have to have with my supervisor- who has been on vacation this past week.

Happy days.


~ by angryegg on March 12, 2010.

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