“Remember Me” Didn’t Suck

R Pattz ponders.

A friend was the lucky recipient of passes to a special screening of the new Robert Pattinson movie last night, Remember Me, and was nice enough to let me tag along.

I went in with low expectations and was pleasantly surprised.


I wasn’t planning on seeing the movie in the theatre- I don’t have a Robssession (to steal my friend’s term for her affliction) though I think he has the potential to be stockee material- but I can’t say no to a free movie or the company of some awesome people.

The movie looks at how tragedy pulls people apart but also how it can bring them together. The last 10 minutes, a real shocker (that I will not reveal), elevates this film from the movie-of-the-week category.

We were expecting a lot of giggly Twihards and some of them did titter inappropriately. There was a dramatic boardroom scene that some people laughed through. Seriously annoying- almost as bad as the running commentary from the two jaded know-it-alls sitting behind us (who were probably the only people older than us). The scene was not funny except for a couple moments that broke the tension- and only then because it was an uncomfortable situation, not haha roll on the floor moments.

I appreciated the fact that we weren’t spoonfed the entire story in the opening sequence- though they were a little heavy-handed in certain scenes. They allow the characters to discover each other and for the story to unfold at a natural if slightly awkward way.

Pattinson’s character Tyler is incredibly angsty. Okay, we get that he is broken, even though we don’t have all the details up front, so he could have dialed it back just a bit but for teenagers who see things with much more intensity than us crusty old people, this may seem perfectly appropriate.

There were a couple scenes which take place in the hallway of Tyler’s apartment that reminded me of a scene in the video for Aha’s “Take On Me.” The first is a love scene between him and his girlfriend and the second is a fight scene between Tyler and his girlfriend’s father that seems to mirror the love scene. I don’t know if this was done on purpose but it took me out of the story completely- never a good thing.

The best part of this movie is the performance by Ruby Jerins who plays Tyler’s younger sister. The scenes between Jerins and Pattinson are the most believable. My friend read a review of the movie where the critic pointed out how Pattinson’s character played three very different “characters” in his interaction with his father (the still dishy Pierce Brosnan), his girlfriend and his sister. We were all in agreement that we loved big brother Tyler the best. You get a real glimpse into the kind of person he might have been before tragedy struck the family.

If you love R Pattz, you will probably love this movie and you will likely want to add it to your collection when it comes out on DVD.

I would see it but for me, it is a rental.


~ by angryegg on March 11, 2010.

One Response to ““Remember Me” Didn’t Suck”

  1. *sigh* Great review lady…although I’m sure my luff for him makes my love of the film a wee bit stronger than yours. 🙂 All in all great first post-Twilight film for my boy.

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