T Minus 65.5 Hours and Counting….

Patience is wearing very thin and everyone is stumbling around like extras from Dawn of the Living Dead.

I have only stayed this long out of loyalty and friendship and the possibility of carving out a career in entertainment through an understanding of finance (I’m naïve but not a total dummy) but in the last three and a half weeks since that ridiculous email announcing pending layoffs and then to have that date pushed forward another two weeks- it has become increasingly demoralizing.

I just got a snarky email in response to my frustrated (not overt if slightly snotty) reply to a person who has difficulty communicating in English.

Problem number one.

Problem number two is her boss’ unwillingness to accept anything that has not been handed to them on a silver platter.

Problem number three, I have pretty much given up.

But I feel slight twinges of guilt- stupid, stupid me. I hate not caring- that is not my modus operandi.

I haven’t felt this unsettled since I was laid off from a job where every other employee was informed of this before me- including my sister who was working there part-time.

But why do I care?

I have to stop. I can’t shake my sense of obligation to the people I work closely with but I have been disengaging from the company itself- more for self-preservation than anything.

I have stopped doing 12 hour days and coming in on weekends. I am even taking the occasional hour off for lunch.

I am getting better. It’s a process.

And I have a feeling that process will speed up as we get closer to Friday.


~ by angryegg on March 9, 2010.

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