Obligatory 2010 Oscar Post-Mortem

I’m a little dopey today because I stayed up to watch the ENTIRE show- much to my boyfriend’s chagrin.

I will cop to the fact that I’m a complete sucker for these award shows.

Seriously, who can resist the clothes?

Actually, I had money riding on the outcome- okay, I threw in a loonie to participate in the office pool. And won by one pick! (Happy dance!)

But I digress.

I was elated to see Kathryn Bigelow take the statue for best director (they couldn’t have set it up any better with Babs presenting) and for The Hurt Locker to take best picture (boohoo Avatar). Many people have weighed in with the supposition that the amount of money made should have been the determining factor in choosing the best picture. (Insert eye-roll.)

Awards shows are by definition self-congratulatory popularity contests but box office receipts (whether it is the biggest grossing movie ever or the smallest, as is the case this time) should not be the deciding factor in choosing “the best.” I guess we are all allowed and opinion- even if it is wrong.

I loved how people “close” to the best actor nominees introduced them- only Vera Farmiga kind of blew the one for George Clooney (she seemed so nervous), Stanley Tucci’s intro for Meryl Streep (calling her greedy and announcing he was spearheading a campaign to cap nominations at 16 so this was likely the last time we would see her name on the ballot) was hysterical, Oprah had adorable Gabourey Sidibe in tears (so cute) and Colin Farrell was just hot!

There were some really great acceptance speeches (Sandra Bullock was gracious, funny, humble and obviously preys at the altar of Meryl Streep and it was hilarious to see “The Dude” accept for best actor) but who was that crazy woman with the fuzzy red hair who interceded when Music by Prudence was announced as the best documentary short?

Monique, while not my favourite person, has given powerful speeches this awards season but I could not help but think that her “thank you” to the Academy for “showing that it can be about the performance and not the politics,” while it makes for a great sound bite and got a loud applause from the audience, is very naïve- assuming she actually believes it.

I may be a bit cynical but come on!

Brokeback Mountain losing to Crash???!! Ridiculous.

Gwyneth Paltrow in Shakespeare in Love winning over Cate Blanchett in Elizabeth????!!! Outrageous.

Both those results still make me angry enough to spit- and they are just the first two that come to mind where politicking won over merit.

I always feel bad when people, who will likely never have another opportunity to do this again, get cut off and was I the only person to hear the name Fisher Stevens, wonder for a split second what the actor “Fisher Stevens” was up to these days and be totally surprised to see him accept the Oscar as one of the producers of The Cove?

Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin had a couple moments but were generally too safe (snoozy) and some of their bits could have used more judicious editing- as was the case with a lot of other attempts to add some levity (hello, Ben Stiller!). What was Cameron Diaz talking about and was it just me or did the announcer flub quite a few names (Keana Reeves)? Tina Fey and Robert Downey Jr’s quips about actors versus writers were FUNNY- they should have begged Fey to head the writing team for the show.

To be totally frivolous (though this is likely the real reason a lot of people tune in), I loved what Amanda Seyfried, Kathryn Bigelow (great colour), Deborah Ann Woll (though I am not 100% sure about the Wonder Woman style belt), Rachel McAdams, Sandra Bullock, SJP (love the Chanel Couture but her hair scared me) and Kristen Stewart (could someone have given the poor girl a lozenge before getting up on stage?) wore but my favourite had to be Maggie Gyllenhaal in Dries Van Noten. It was different and totally her but on anyone else I would have thought they were trying too hard.

On the flip side, Vera Farmiga looked like she was being eaten alive by the fuschia ruffles of her Marchesa gown, Charlize Theron had Princess Leia’s Star Wars hair attached to her bodice and Jennifer Lopez’s Armani Prive looked like it had been sculpted out of marzipan- but not in a good way.

All in all it was a decent show but the way they rushed the announcement of the best picture without the recap seemed incredibly rushed and somewhat anticlimactic. Would the extra five minutes have killed anyone? Really?

I can’t wait to read what other people thought about the winners and losers- and the dresses, of course. I’m sure I’ll be yelling at the t.v. tonight in disagreement.


~ by angryegg on March 8, 2010.

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