Clever Conservatives, Using the National Anthem as a Diversion

Well, well- it looks like the Conservatives have done it again.

They have very cunningly stirred a pot of controversy to get the minds of Canadians off the do-nothing budget that the Conservatives needed to take an extended break to put together.

And it’s working.

I haven’t heard anyone other than political pundits mentioning the Afghan detainee controversy or the act of proroguing the government so soon after the last time it was used to save their necks.

By the way, did you enjoy the Olympics Mr. Harper? It’s nice to see that you have your priorities straight.

Inserting that one little line about the issue of gender equality in the national anthem is what everyone seems to be talking about.

It’s not that gender equality issues are not important, they are, but I would think that there are better ways to level the playing field than to change the wording in O Canada. I was astonished to hear viewer response to the effect that they did not feel included because of the specific mention of “sons.”

I remember thinking as a child that only “sons” are mentioned in the anthem but dismissed it as an issue because I knew that the words applied to everyone- not just boys- because that would be stupid.

I may have been a little precocious as a child….

When I heard the national anthem played 14 times during the Olympics, it was not the exclusion of “daughters” or the reference to God that captured my attention, but the fact that I was so proud to be Canadian.

It is not always the words but the intent behind the words.

But I digress.

So, the shell game continues to work for the Conservatives. Perhaps the other political parties can borrow that page from their playbook.

Hats off to the Conservatives on a hand well played.


~ by angryegg on March 5, 2010.

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