This Has NEVER Happened to Me Before

So, my mom and I were walking back from the library last night…. It was a pleasant evening until a woman nudged me aside with the back of her gloved hand so she could get past me.

I was so stunned that I apologized to her!!!

We were walking side by side, as people in conversation tend to do but we happened to be walking by one of those large square cement “flower” pots on the sidewalk. The path was a bit narrow but there was room on both sides.

Rather than saying, “Excuse me,” she brushed me aside like an arrogant spoiled brat would brush aside a servant, or lint.

I couldn’t believe she did that. She didn’t even look in my direction, let alone acknowledge my apology.

I called her a few choice names in Chinese and then raised the volume of my voice and said a few more choice things in English. Nothing profane or rude per se but the tone of my voice would have been clear to anyone that had the most basic understanding of social interaction.

At least the cow didn’t push my mom aside. There would have been more than angry words if that had happened.

In hindsight I should have just mooed at her.

Growing up in Canada, I have a North American’s need for a large sphere of personal space- which is only part of the reason why I find this person’s behaviour so offensive. It wasn’t like we were a group of four walking abreast and even then, pushing someone aside is inexcusable.

As much as may bluster and revel in the thought of egging her (it would be worth wasting an egg and they are on sale at Shoppers right now), putting her in a headlock or a backhand while wearing a big spiky ring, I could never do it. The guilt I would feel would far outweigh any brief modicum of satisfaction I could possibly feel from such a violent act.

I could assign the blame to something very ugly (I hate going there) but I will give her the benefit of the doubt and just chalk it up to disappointment over losing out on the last bargain priced can of SPAM at Walmart.


~ by angryegg on March 3, 2010.

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