Tense Much?

I was walking to work this morning, with my iPod on, sidestepping puddles, trying not to get splashed by cars when I realized my fists were clenched.


My shoulders were also practically at my ears.

Not good.

I unclenched my fists and tried to drop my shoulders.

It has been a very stressful six months in my personal life (and it will continue to be so for at least another three to six months) but it has been amped up by the craziness at work. The workload has always been ridiculous but I told myself that production finance was my entrée into entertainment- that my diligence would pay dividends in the future and things couldn’t possibly be this crazy forever.

It HAD to ease off at some point, right?

I was wrong.

The more competent you are the more work is thrown at you- standard operation procedure. You get more efficient so you get additional (hopefully more interesting) responsibilities. I haven’t received more interesting work but I have received bucket loads with impossible deadlines.

And to make things even more “interesting,” the contract for the clerk helping my department expires Friday. He is the only reason we have been able to tread water. I honestly don’t know what is going to happen when Monday rolls around. But then, I may not have a job come Monday and these current worries will be supplanted by others.

Sadly, this isn’t the worst case scenario.

Not including the SVP (who is my boss-boss and part owner in the company) we are a team of three. If my supervisor or the person I (loosely) supervise is laid off, I might as well turn in my passkey. As difficult as it will be without the extra help, we would be able to find a way to make it work and hold the wolves at bay. But if our team went from three to two….

My supervisor said that he might as well stay home if I was punted and as much as I appreciate the solidarity, his expenses don’t allow him that luxury. I am (over)due for a change but the only reason I would stay on a little longer (if I don’t get axed) is for my team.

Logic says that it can only happen in stages but reason hasn’t been a defining feature of this company. Morale has been in the pits and motivation levels are non-existent. If someone gets a three or even a six month stay of execution, what would be the incentive to do anything extra?

Say good-bye to people working extended days and coming in on weekends without additional pay or additional time off in lieu of the extra hours. It will be 9-5:30 (and not a second more), full lunches and coffee breaks taken outside the office. And even with bums in seats for the requisite amount of time, don’t bet that they will be doing the job at hand.

They had graduated layoffs that ended just two months ago and the productivity of people with a defined expiry date? Less than zero.

But THAT isn’t even the worst case scenario.

What if they don’t reveal their master plan this Friday?

Lordy, Lordy. The only thing keeping people quasi-sane is the belief that what happens will be known to all by the end of this week. That has become the benchmark, hope, belief…. Everyone is holding their breath.

If Friday comes and goes and nothing of substance happens, there will be rioting.

In the meantime, I should schedule go for some massages- I should use them before I (potentially) lose them.


~ by angryegg on February 23, 2010.

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