Sheep to Slaughter at the King Tut Exhibit


I went to the King Tut exhibit at the AGO with friends this past Sunday. 

I’ve have been fascinated by Egypt, pharaohs, mummies and the like since I was a kid and was really looking forward to this exhibit. 

Our entrance to this exhibit was timed and I soon learned why. They had us wait at the entrance for a short introduction. The music began and I almost made a crack  about how I felt like was about to enter the Temple of Doom ride at Disneyland when the screen credit for Harrison Ford as the narrator of the piece flashed before my eyes. 

I almost laughed out loud.


The last time I took the opportunity to look at Egyptian artifacts was at the ROM over twenty-five years ago with a school group. That was leisurely compared to this. 

We felt like sheep being herded to slaughter. They should have printed right on the ticket that the patience of Job is needed to view the show. 

It was worse than seeing the James Ossuary. 

And why (can anyone tell me?) is there always someone over 6” who insists on being the one right up against the glass case? It’s not that he didn’t notice us midgets straining our necks behind him. He just didn’t care. 

And, to make matters worse, I think he was the same person who sighed above my head and ruffled my hair! (Gross!) 

There were a lot of very clueless people who would bump into you constantly. I understand that the quarters were tight but a little decorum would have been nice. 

Despite the annoying people the exhibit is worth seeing. They did a pretty good job of putting the artifacts in context and linking the different non-Tut items. 

A friend just came back from Egypt and mentioned going to the museum where the rest of the artifacts from Tut’s tomb is housed. Apparently the number of objects is mind blowing. He was astonished bythe size of the nested “boxes” that housed his coffin. There was a short animation depicting the numerous boxes but you don’t get a sense of the scale. 

Exhibits like this just whet your appetite to go to Egypt. One of these days, I will do a grant tour. 

If you want to do the same but can’t manage it just yet, keep the dream alive and check out the exhibit- you have until April 18th. And for the record, no one is paying me to recommend it.


~ by angryegg on February 11, 2010.

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