Federal Conservatives Live in a Land Inhabited by Unicorns and Faerie Folk

I remember being frustrated by a political conversation with one of my closest friends (a staunch supporter of the NDP who has been known to vote Liberal if squeezed really hard) and her father (a Progressive Conservative, now Conservative who would have had no qualms about voting for the old Reform Party).

Both my friend and I (small “l” liberal) wanted to beat our heads against the wall because her dad, an otherwise reasonable individual of sound mind and body, defended his conservative position believing the newly minted federal Conservative Party would be fiscally responsible.

If Flaherty, our esteemed Finance Minister, truly believes that Canada will be able to pull itself out from under a deficit situation without any painful measures, then he and his party are smoking something they should be sharing.

Anyone who would dare deign to speak out is accused of speculating, commenting on things us mere mortals couldn’t possibly understand.

Should we be apologizing for speaking out of turn?

Please- you can’t prorogue us.

There are times when our voices may count more (an election, as an example) but we live in a democracy- we can speak any time we want. Whether or not they listen, well, that depends on whether your vote is for sale.

And since I am female, a visible minority living in an urban riding that has a snowball’s chance in hell of going Conservative on any level, it’s deaf ears for me. (At least I don’t have any illusions that what I write will have any meaningful impact on the world at large. How arrogant and deluded would that be?)

They are even dismissive of people who should know better– people who have been in the same boat, who laboured over the numbers and different potential scenarios when they were in the seat of power.

Why should anyone be suspicious of the Finance Minister’s proclamations? Well, apparently a small group of economists agree with the sentiment that a $20 billion deficit is managable- when have economists ever agreed on anything????

That alone should be a big red flag for anyone with half a brain.

Canada is a mature economy with an aging population. There will be a great burden on younger generations as Baby Boomers age and start drawing on their pensions. What does this mean? The tax base is shrinking….Not a good thing when you hope to increase revenues (without raising taxes).

I’ll bet that lovely cushion inherited from the Liberal government that was quickly squandered as you claimed it was unnecessary and was, in fact, a result of poor management on the part of the Liberals in the first place, is pretty tantalizing right now.

But maybe they are smarter than I give them credit for. People are easily duped into believing what they want to be true. Things will all be easy, a bed of roses and a chicken in everyone’s pot. And did I mention the rainbows?

If people are ridiculous enough to believe these fantasies and give them a majority in the next election, by the time they figure out the wool has been pulled over their eyes, it will be too late and the Conservatives will be able to do what ever they want with the Senate in their pocket and a four year term.

Oh happy days.


~ by angryegg on February 5, 2010.

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