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I was having a crappy day.

I am up to my eyeballs in year-end cost reports whose formulas have been mysteriously replaced by hard code numbers and I was feeling nauseous.

But then I found out that NEIL GAIMAN is doing a voice for one of our shows!!!!

Happy dance!

He is recording today in L.A. but he is being patched through to our Toronto office.

I have always wanted to attend a record. From what I hear it can be quite salacious- depending on the show.

But to have my first be with Neil Gaiman….

Okay, that came out wrong.

I am really excited because I had the chance to see and hear him speak at the World Science Fiction Convention this past August in Montreal.

The whole experience was mind-blowing but I originally only intended to go to one of his sessions- since he was the featured guest this year and because Tim Burton adapted Coraline into a movie.

But then I had to re-arrange my schedule because he is a fascinating orator. He is kind of like the Mick Jagger of the science fiction and fantasy writer community. Not too great of a leap since he seems to live in skinny jeans and black leather jackets.

The record happens in about 30 minutes. Must prepare….


~ by angryegg on February 2, 2010.

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