TTC Pisses of Environmentalists

The guy caught sleeping on the job returned to work- noted on the front page of The Sun (was there nothing else more interesting to report???)- and the day following, the same paper releases a story about how busses will often be left idling overnight so they would be guaranteed to “start” the next day.


Just when you think it couldn’t get any worse, it does.

One might say, who cares what a bunch of tree huggers think….

Well, do you not like to breathe clean(ish) air?

Is asthma and cancer so much fun that you would suck on the tailpipe of a bus?

How about the additional fuel and maintenance costs associated with running these engines when the temperature dips below a certain threshold?

We all pay for the environmental impact but let’s consider something more tangible. Who do you think pays for the additional costs?


Considering the recent fare hike, we really did not need to see another example of the kind of waste and ineffectual management of resources that will continue to drive up costs. One would think that it would make sense for the TTC to try and cut expenses before raising fares. I guess it never occurred to them to fix or re-jig the expensive system purchased from Sweden (to deal with engine problems due to extreme cold)- which apparently breaks down when it is needed most. Instead of saving money (which was the original intention behind the purchase of this technology), we are left with idling dozens of vehicles for hours on end, sometimes weeks at a time, if the weather doesn’t cooperate.

And the TTC chairman wants to run for the Mayor’s office? Good luck with that.

Hearing these ridiculous stop-gap measures makes me wonder what they do in Ottawa, Montreal, Winnipeg- just some of the places that have much more severe temperatures than Toronto.

And please correct me if I am wrong but don’t we have anti-idling by-laws in place in Toronto?

So much for “The Better Way.”


~ by angryegg on February 1, 2010.

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