Apparently Coughing Up 5¢ for a Bag is Cripplingly Onerous

I had the news on last night because I wanted to chill out.

J.D. Salinger passed…. Hockey in Stratford…. Harper is up to his usual self-aggrandizing crap….

 And then this story about Loblaw in Eastern Canada not charging 5¢ for a plastic bag came on the air.

Listening to the weak justification for the refusal to pay the nickel and the whining of some people interviewed about what they thought of this made me angry.

And frustrated.

So much for relaxing– I should have tuned into HGTV instead.

Apparently it was supposed to be a one-time thing. Loblaw would cover the charge for the bags until December 31st but they did not start charging the fee when January rolled around. The justification for doing it in the first place and then not reinstating the charge was the tough economic times.

They spoke to a woman who emphatically refuses to pay the charge. I get it. I hate wasting money on something I don’t need- so I bring my own bloody bags!

That is the whole point of this exercise- to encourage you think a little about the choices you make and the subsequent impact on the environment. The intention wasn’t to make the 5¢ charge a punitive one but consider alternatives to help save this planet.

Cause and Effect.


When they interviewed some people in Toronto, they complained that it wasn’t fair- but not for the reason I was thinking. They felt that if people in Eastern Canada didn’t have to pay then they shouldn’t either…

Apparently we are all infants.

Of course they probably cherry picked the responses they wanted to air to make a point but what these people should have been thinking was that people in Eastern Canada should be paying like everyone else. OR, bring your own bags.

What is wrong with these people? Does your entitlement know no bounds?

Where is it written, anywhere, that we should get all the plastic bags we want for free?

What do you people do with all this plastic when you get it home?

I have a stash (from before the surcharge, given to me by people who didn’t just want to throw them out because they knew I would use them at least one more time before it went into the bin) that I use for garbage, recycling, stuff that needs to be contained but I now have a growing stash of reusable bags that I try to stick in my knapsack or purse if the need to be a consumer strikes.

I was never a girl scout but I like to be prepared. So I don’t understand why a little bit of foresight, like throwing a bag in your pocket, is such a big deal.

In actuality, the nickel you fork out per bag doesn’t even come close to the real cost of mining the raw materials, the raw materials themselves, what it took to make the machines to make the bags, the boxes to carry the bags, the cost of the fuel for the trucks to ship the bags…. Do I need to go any further?

For something that most people only use once before it becomes garbage in our environment FOREVER?

5¢ is a steal.


~ by angryegg on January 29, 2010.

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