The TTC Squanders Money They Don’t Have

So ridership is down and the number of complaints to the TTC has increased.


In their infinite wisdom, what do they decide to do?

Hire outside consultants!


I LOVE hearing that a chunk of the money I spend on tickets (admittedly, only $12.50 on tickets since the fair hike was announced) is going to outside consultants to figure out what is wrong.  At the end of their contract they will present the TTC with a 600-page document outlining the issues at play and suggestions to fix everything that no one will read, that are obvious anyway and will end up collecting dust in someone’s office.

What? Are you the government?

Oooops, I guess you kind of are.

How about this…

Why don’t you actually read the complaints that have been sent in by riders? That is a great first step- and it will also be the first thing the consultants do.

I am sure it should be no surprise to anyone that every time fares are raised, ridership goes down. Hello, economies of scale? We are not talking rocket science. And remind me again when the last fare hike went into effect?

That’s right, January 3rd, 2010.

Perhaps this could be a reason for the drop in ridership AND the increase in complaints….

Is that too obvious?

Do you need consultants who charge several hundreds of dollars an hour to tell you this?

Of course, media coverage of the pictures of ticket collectors napping on the job don’t help. And let’s not forget the six-figure ticket collector salaries. These kinds of things generally do not endear one to the TTC.

The last TTC strike was also not that long ago, two days in April 2008. Some people might say, what is two days? It’s a lot when you don’t have alternate transportation. The vast majority of people ride the “Rocket” because they have no choice but on the heels of what has been happening (constant fare hikes, ineffectual or non-existent service, poor customer service…) people are actively looking for ways to get around without them.

I have been. I would say I am a fairly average Torontonian- maybe angrier than most but pretty average. And not riding the TTC has been my way of protesting.

But this kind of thing, wasting money they don’t have, just makes me more angry. Are they really (really) that naïve to think that the fare hikes would not result in a decrease in ridership?

And the raising of fares when the economy is still in the dumper? When people have lost their jobs, seen their wages decrease, have the cost of goods and services go up….

The back of the camel has broken.

Where people would have been content to bitch amongst themselves, they are now making that extra effort to tell you what they really think.

If you were smart, you would listen to them directly- and not through the filter of pricey consultants.


~ by angryegg on January 25, 2010.

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