Maybe I Should Just Shave It Off Now

Someone inadvertently made me feel self-conscious about my hair- or lack thereof.

Watching her do a little dance to get away from the topic was funny but it left me thinking that I shouldn’t wait and just give up now.

It’s like asking someone who isn’t pregnant when the baby is due.


She wondered if stress was causing hair loss. That is not unheard of- I had a run-in with alopecia a few years ago when my dad was diagnosed with cancer.

I am very stressed but my hair has always been thin. I am the only “lucky” child to inherit my mom’s hair but not her universal donor blood type.


I am getting a lot of white hair so maybe this will help camouflage the thinness but I have resigned myself to the fact that I will probably have to resort to shaving my head. I’ve shaved my head before so that is not a big deal but a woman with a shaved head garners a certain kind of attention that men who shave their head just don’t.

Unfair, yes, but I have to pick my battles and changing societal norms and assumptions is not on my to-do list right now. Maybe next week- when I get some of the other plates taken care of- or I drop some- whichever comes first.

I refuse to take extraordinary measures to “save” my hair. (Just say no to drugs.) And I will only wear a wig if it is outrageously outlandish.

I suppose jaunty hats and scarves are another option but that takes a bit more fussing than taking clippers to one’s head. Besides, I am not a particularly “jaunty” individual.

Shaving off one’s hair is not without drawbacks. It gets very chilly in the winter, the risk of sunburn increases in the summer and the inevitable comparisons to the “golden child” get a little tiresome. When it gets to a certain length, it acts like Velcro and everything sticks to it.

It is also amazing how everyone wants to touch your head because it feels like velvet. I am not a big fan of being touched at the best of times but to have strangers want to rub my head? The Buddhist in me recoils from that in a visceral way.

And if I am in the market for a new job or hope for career advancement, having a shaved head would likely be an impediment. (I guess I will just have to start my own business….)

On the upside, it is incredibly easy to care for, I save on shampoo and hair care products (gives special meaning to “wash and go”), and my face looks longer and slimmer.

I have had people say they wished they had fine hair like mine- because their super thick mane just got in the way. Silly people- they just don’t know.


~ by angryegg on January 13, 2010.

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