Harper Takes Some Heat

Well, it is bloody f@ing time!

That is, if the news reports are to be believed.

He has done several interviews defending his decision to turn tail and run prorogue parliament (yet again) citing the economy and the desire to focus their attention on what he believes is most important to Canadians, and the Olympics, of course.

But what is he really doing?

Playing chicken with the other parties (specifically the Liberals), what else? He is betting that no one is going to call him on this sh!t because they don’t have enough support to actually do anything about it.

And he may be right.

What he hadn’t counted on is a small groundswell of protest from people who are outraged over Parliament being put on hold for a second time within a year- and this time for two months. Even The Economist wrote a decent summary of what the issues are and deftly pointed out that despite the spin, this move looks like “naked self-interest.”

But the kids don’t come back to the hill until March 3rd. Will the anger, public distain and more importantly, the media coverage (even from the Calgary Herald???) continue the rallying cry?

Well, with the Winter Games starting in just over four weeks and the attention span of most people being what is, it will take something major to keep this in the headlines.

I’m an optimistic cynic but at heart, a realist, and if I were Harper, I would be thinking this will blow over in a couple more weeks when everything ramps up a few more notches in anticipation of arguably the biggest sporting event of the year. As long has his ministers tow the “no-comment” line, the Conservatives will probably be fine.



~ by angryegg on January 13, 2010.

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