When Spoonfeeding Just Isn’t Enough

I am pissed.

I have given this person so many chances and even defended him in the past but going to my supervisor was the last straw.

Beyond spoonfeeding the information to the tax department, I now have to chew the bloody food for them and wipe their asses afterwards.

So much for trying to train them to do it for themselves.

Stupid me. What the hell was I thinking?

Knowing my superior agrees with me doesn’t make it any easier. At this point, I have to give in just to get beyond this ridiculousness because I am currently loaded down with  enough work to keep me in the office 24/7 for the next six weeks. Interestingly,  much of this is for their department.

Somehow these people get away with not doing their job. Because he never learned anything about his department before his previous analyst left for bigger and better, he has left his current assistant (who has language issues) to sink or swim on her own. And now, since they are both clueless and not amenable to learning, pablum.

Because my predecessor (who was able to hide her incompetence for two years) presented the info to them on a silver platter with a bow on top (rather than do her actual job), I am expected to do the same.

But this is only the beginning. All our productions are audited provincially and federally. It is all part of the tax credit process. I am fine with that but what I am not fine with is being treated like a lackey- expected to fetch and carry for people who should be able to do it for themselves.

Afterall, I really don’t need this job and I definitely don’t need this bullshit. I don’t mind training anyone but you have to meet me at least part of the way.

But for them, it is no way.

There is absolutely no understanding that those of us who know what to look for may not be here for an extended period of time- by choice or otherwise. What the hell will they do then?

I have to suck it up because I promised my superior (and friend) that I would stay for at least a year. He won’t hold me to 365 days and right now, I feel hard-pressed to give him to the end of this fiscal.

I won’t act rashly but I made it known that I am not happy.

I hate giving into bullies- even though his weapon of choice is persistent whining and histrionics- but apparently, I may be the fool because he is getting what he wants and I have to eat it.

The one thing I remember from psych is that people will try the hardest when the reward is inconsistent.

This isn’t over- not by a long shot.


~ by angryegg on January 7, 2010.

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