What is Harper Hiding?

Or hiding from?

I have been neglectful in my disparagement of the Conservative Party so I will endeavour to rectify this in the new year.

And thus, my first post of 2010 will be a pleasant harbinger of future political rants. Of course, I will not reserve my venom for the Conservatives alone. Why should they have all the fun?

The frustrating difference is that the Conservatives have been very effective in diffusing any and all potentially damaging behaviour, missteps, everything.

Why is that the case?

There many reasons- ineffectual opposition, voter fatigue which assists the inertia that is our current minority government, the economic crisis, and so on.

But somehow, Harper and his government has been able to squash any scandals that have sunk other parties in the (very recent) past.

How has he been able to shut the media down before they even get rolling?

Well, timing it around  a holiday is a smooth move.

But using the Olympics as the scapegoat to shut down Parliament for two months???

Come on!

And we (the people) are letting him get away with this???

How convenient that this happens as the Conservatives have been taking it on the chin for the Afghan detainee situation….

Hmmm, just a coincidence I am sure.

Harper isn’t a complete moron. He knows people have short memories and with the Olympics looming, pretty soon it will be “What detainee debacle?”

And, by then, he will have filled the remaining Senate seats- just enough to give the Conservatives a majority.


So much for a leaner, meaner, more efficient government.

If we (the majority of Canadians) have been alternately beating or scratching their heads over what passes (or doesn’t pass) into law these days, we may shortly have no recourse but to fall on our swords.

I abhor politics but I cannot escape its effects- and I can’t stop bitching about it.

Am I doomed to disappointment?

Am I better off cashing it all in and running away?


But there is no such thing as a perfect world and I consider it my duty to speak out against what I consider to be wrong, unfair, inefficient, unjust, hypocritical or just plain stupid.

And in the political realm in Canada, that means speaking out against the Conservatives and those who prop them up for their own political expediency.


~ by angryegg on January 1, 2010.

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