Are the Days Already Getting Longer?

Or is it just me?

Yes, it was the Winter Solstice yesterday.

The first day of winter.

The shortest day of the year.

Of course it stands to reason that the days will start to get longer from now until the Summer Solstice.

This is an intellectual “Duh” but the day already feels longer.

The day itself is only going to be slightly longer than it was yesterday and the fact that the sky is clear and the sun is bright has obviously affected my perception.

Of course having one’s brother wake up and start banging around at 4:30 in the morning to get to a shoot at the Pacific Mall will add to the length of my day today.


Coffee #1 is going down really fast and coffee #2 is in queue.

Despite the -10°C weather (-19°C with wind chill), I think I will go outside at lunch and enjoy the sun. I will put up with a lot for natural light in the winter.

Soon, I’ll be able to go to work in the light and have that light on the way home. Not feeling like a mole person will be a welcome change.

How do people in more northern climes deal???


~ by angryegg on December 22, 2009.

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