Office Holiday Party Politics

I was finally starting to get excited about the office holiday party that is happening this afternoon. All the details were coming together and what almost did not happen was just around the corner.

A couple of us came in early to get a jump on what we could do ahead of the event so things don’t get too hairy. The sun hadn’t even come up yet but we were giddy with adrenalin- until we got frozen out by someone else on the social committee.

‘Tis the season my butt.

Seriously, WTF?

Apparently she was stuck at the office until 9pm decorating on her own. Never mind the fact that we had all offered to help. She had wrangled someone else to assist, which is her prerogative. I wasn’t about to go where I wasn’t wanted (or needed) but offered to help again yesterday- shortly after they started to decorate- only to be told they were almost done.

A bunch of us were on our way to Costco to pick up supplies for the party after work but I had about half an hour before heading out. I got a cold shoulder even then but was preoccupied with what I had to do so I let it go. As it turns out, we were loading up the car with our stash when she would have left the office.

But our night wasn’t over. We grabbed food before starting our quest for candy canes. There must have been a run on them because we had to go to five different places before we were successful. By the time we got to the office and put everything away it was past midnight.

There has been a lot of grumbling about the time and date of the party (if only they knew how close we were to being sent on our furlough with little more than a by-your-leave), the way the prizes are going to be handed out (timed raffles throughout the event and the winner has to be present to claim), location (in-house) which contributes to the difficulty in getting away and staying away when deadlines are already slapping you in the face with the shortened work week (for the bulk of the office)…. The list goes on but you have probably dozed off already so I will stop.

It’s not like this gathering was a complete surprise for anyone. The first notice was sent out about a month ago and the (longer than anticipated two tiered) furlough- around which this event had to be squeezed- was official as of September.

My own personal whammy was returning to a new position with an exponential increase in responsibility (though not an exponential increase in pay, hmmmm…) after a two month leave of absence. Because I chose to help organize the event and I plan to enjoy myself at the party I have been coming in on the weekend, coming in early and staying late to keep my head above water. It was my choice to do what was within the limits of my control to meet all my obligations with the least amount of stress.

We were not naïve. No matter what you did, someone would bitch and moan. I would almost be more apprehensive if no one complained but just once, it would be a pleasant change for people to suck it up and deal.

Thankfully, a kind friend slipped me a little coffee enhancement to make the morning go by more smoothly.

With that, I will finish the most pressing work related tasks for the day and give myself over to the carafe of rum punch that has my name on it and doing what needs to be done to make this party a success.


~ by angryegg on December 16, 2009.

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