I Can’t Stop…

It has been a very stressful 10 weeks- and the stress will likely not dissipate for a while.

People have very different ways of dealing with stress- yoga, shopping, golf, booze…. Pick your poison.

How do I deal with stress?

I cut my hair.

Yes, by myself, with the grudging assistance of my boyfriend to even out the hatchet job on the back. (I still cut it when I can’t see it, just not very well…)

Two feet later (really), I think I am getting close to feeling like me again.

I started with seven inches- which was cathartic for about five minutes.

Another 8.5″ gave me two minutes of solace.

Taking it above my shoulders was fun until I washed my hair. Why does hair always style better when it is greasy???

Bringing it the bottom of my ear and stopping was a complete cop-out. I was thinking more Mia Farrow a la Rosemary’s Baby, not Louise Brooks without the bangs.

Why my hesitation?

That hairstyle is a commitment you can’t easily step back from. A variation on a bob with layers is easy to play with, all out layers is another story. Especially on pin straight, fine, thin hair (that will show every single mis-snip) on a rounder than round pumpkin head. (Charlie Brown anyone?)

But it actually looks okay. Of course I have to wear more eye make-up or risk looking like a 12-year old boy. I’ve styled it and I am continuing to trim the bangs. I’ll give it a couple days but I may take another inch off the top and taper it into the sides.

How far will I go? I won’t shave it. I’ve already gone that route. It was incredibly liberating (and I would highly recommend that everyone do it at least once in their life) but it is getting cold and when you shave your head, at a certain stage, everything sticks to it like velcro and strangers will be compelled to touch it. Your head, that is.

The real test, now that I have almost gone as short as I want to go, is how I will deal with growing it out…


~ by angryegg on November 4, 2009.

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