Bringing 40 in With a Whimper

Birthdays have never been a big deal. I had a “big” party once in grade school and lost interest.

But the big 4-0 was going to happen on a most auspicious day, 09-09-09.

For about two days I considered the logistics of a big to-do, food, drink, venue, entertainment…. The works.

But my Dad’s health took a turn for the worse and all my focus shifted to what the family needs.

Now I live and breathe stress- a party, a celebration, will have to wait.

I had my obligatory chicken, did not wash my hair, shunned beef today. Friends surprised me with calls, Facebook greetings (I was welcomed into the forever 29 Club) gifts and treats, promises to do something bigger to mark the occasion when it is more appropriate.

A friend I made a pact to treat ourselves to a day of indulgence when things settle down a bit for me. The cornerstone of that day is to be a big wallet depleting shopping excursion to the new Anthropologie store in Yorkville.

But the conspicuous consumption got an unexpected boost. I was surprised with some amazing tops and a gift card from the drool-worthy aforementioned store! I’m easy, I even love the pouch the gift card came in.

This was a nice break from the craziness that beckons but I think I’ll try to extend my breather a little more.

Technically it is no longer my birthday but I will have another 364 days to celebrate 40.


~ by angryegg on September 9, 2009.

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