Hair Today…

I am sick of my hair. It has been growing for the last three years or so with only minor changes…. One length, long layers toward the front, short-ish bangs (above the eyebrow), choppy bangs and a couple trims to even it out.

I am ready to go short but I don’t have a hair dresser so I enlisted my boyfriend to make a change.

The thought of anything other than a straight line frightens him so a straight line it was. I had him gather the ends of my hair in one hand and lop off about three inches this morning.

This is stupid but it was enough to make me feel better instantly. I tend to take scissors to my hair when I get stressed or bored. I can’t afford to pay someone each time I want to make a change but hair grows back so I have never been overly concerned about what I do to it.

I decided to have only another three or four inches taken off tonight but I would love to take it really short. It sucks that my hair is thin, fine and pin straight but couple that with a basketball head and a short neck- nightmare central trying to find a style that will work for someone who considers combing the tangles out effort.

My M.O. is to get a drastic cut, grow it out a few years, start hacking at it myself until I get to the point I am completely sick of it and go to a hair dresser to do something extreme. If only I had wavy hair- I would do the pixie cut myself and let the curl camouflage any missteps.

With seven inches gone, I feel lighter and my hair looks healthier. It is still long but it looks different.

It will do- for now.


~ by angryegg on August 31, 2009.

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