Total Sucker For True Blood

I was sick a few weeks ago and managed to watch all the episodes of True Blood up to that point so now I have to wait for the new episodes each week like everyone else.

Sigh- what can you do?

I am still obsessed though slightly (very slightly) less enthralled with the second season but it has started to pick up again.

And now my obsession has focused itself on Eric.

LOVE Eric!!! (Sam who? Bill, huh?)

Absolutely love Eric!!!

I love Eric as the morally ambiguous vampire with redemptive qualities who doesn’t let go of his wry cheek. He’s a sneaky bugger but how could you not love a 6’4” strapping Swede???

A friend of mine is also obsessed with True Blood but she hasn’t watched this past week’s episode. I am dying to talk about it but did not want to give any of it away. I wrote (via email) that I would learn Swedish for him.

She basically peed herself.

Yes folks, Sweden has given us more than just (just) Ingrid Bergman, talented tennis players and IKEA.

Alexander Skarsgård.


There was one particular scene…. If I were a Southern gal, I would have swooned.


People who know me know that I am not the gushy girly girl who faints at the drop of a hat. But this scene…. Anyone who watched the episode knows which scene I am talking about.

But I will stop now. I don’t want to give anything away- just in case my friend reads this.

If you haven’t watched this show- why not???

Yes, there is a glut of vampire stuff these days (with more to come) but this is the one you should be following. (Twilight? What’s that?)

I defy anyone to think differently.


~ by angryegg on August 19, 2009.

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