Good News, Bad News

My Dad called this weekend. He has been sick for a while and I can’t help feeling apprehensive whenever my parents call.

We have never been a hyper-communicative family so a phone call- long distance- usually means something more than idle chit chat.

We have been bugging them for years to move to Toronto but our requests have been more insistent in the last couple years.

Dad finally gave in.

Because the housing market in Toronto is absolutely ridiculous, my parents won’t be able to afford the two bedroom condo they originally intended to buy so they will be moving into my house.

But that isn’t the bad part.

I am relieved Dad had finally acquiesced but for him to make that leap, to finally give in as it were, he is acknowledging he is really sick without actually saying the words. He has been optimistic about his health since day one- almost too optimistic. I know he has not been 100% truthful about everything but he has done that out of concern for us.

I am not sure if the news has really sunk in yet.

As concerned as we are for my father’s health, I am almost more relieved for Mom. She has been cajoling him for years- since the restaurant was sold- to move to Toronto to be closer to us and the rest of her family. She feels really isolated, partially a language issue, but now we can all be there to support them.

Dad seems to have it all worked out that I will charge them rent but that just feels wrong. We’ll figure that part out later. My immediate concern is to find some good trades people to work on the house. I hope that doesn’t turn into a nightmare.


~ by angryegg on August 17, 2009.

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