Birthday? What Birthday?

I picked up information about renting the party room in my boyfriend’s condo building. For a standard regular party it could get very expensive because they require the hiring of security.

I told him that I was 99% sure I did not want a party. He was sweet to offer to pay for one but he is even more shy than me and the prospect of playing host probably kept him up at night.

I looked into going to New York City for the day but he won’t be able to get the time off work so that idea fizzled.

Then my parents called late Saturday night.

They have finally decided to move to Toronto. They have to sell the house and they will be moving into my place.

The likelihood of a party is now 0%.

My youngest brother will have to take the apartment upstairs and my parents will live on the main floor and basement. I have to redo the kitchen in the basement, the bathroom on the main floor and the one on the second floor and that is only for starters. I have a tentative list of the major items that need to be done and the urgency. As with all renovations, you never really know what you are getting yourself into so I think I will have to sell some investments. Unless I win the lottery between now and very soon, I will have to be very careful with my money.

Over the next couple weeks, I have to go through all my possessions and throw out as much stuff as possible. I have had the house for 13 years so things have been piling up. A purge has been long time coming. We have a garage sale planned so this will be extra incentive for me to let things go.

A party? Who has time for a party?

We have been bugging our father to move to Toronto because he has been sick. That he has decided to make the move now is a relief but also troubling.

That doesn’t exactly set the stage for merriment and celebration.

We are heading up to see my parents Labour Day weekend and we will celebrate my birthday and my father’s Chinese birthday.

I’ll mark the occasion the day of somehow. I’ll leave it up in the air for now because I have more important fish to fry. I only know that I will not be washing my hair, I won’t have any beef and I’ll be eating chicken.


~ by angryegg on August 17, 2009.

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