Canadians and the Weather

I guess it could easily be Americans and the weather, Brits and the weather, anyone and the weather.

 But we Canadians seem to take pride in the ownership of our love hate relationship with the weather.

Well, more hate than love.

Why is it that Canadians think we have the market cornered on complaining about the weather?

Culturally, we have an affinity for nature. Look at Canadian literature, art.

Does this intimate relationship, this familiarity, figure into our disdain for something we do not have a lot of control over?

Are we that boring (bored)?

Or are we too well mannered to bring up other hot button topics such as religion or politics into polite conversation?

The weather is usually a safe topic of conversation. A couple months ago, a stand-up comic at Just For Laughs even apologized for the weather when he talk to someone in the audience who was visiting from Scotland.

It has been an unseasonably “cool” summer in southern Ontario and the whining hasn’t stopped since the summer solstice- in the northern hemisphere, that is June 21st for you non-pagan types.

I am being generous.

The complaining actually hasn’t stopped since the weather started to cool off last summer/early fall.

I am one among a fairly silent minority who love the cooler weather. I don’t do a happy dance every day the high hovers in the low 20’s- I am just a more joyful, patient, productive person. I know we are long overdue for the heat and humidity so I am enjoying it as long as I can.

A friend of mine makes a very good point. We are all allowed to complain about one season. She loves the heat so she cries in the fall, winter, spring, cool summers. Her finger tips actually turn blue in a stiff breeze. Honest.

So why is it then for the few weeks it hits the 30’s and the humidity makes it feel more like the 40’s, when I am absolutely miserable, any whinging I vocalize get shushed. Shushed!

The shusher’s argument is that we have been waiting for this weather for months…. Blah, blah, blah. I don’t know who your “we” is but I am definitely not part of that group.

My thinking is one can always put on another layer but you can only take so much off (or should) if you get hot. This kind of logic doesn’t seem to wash with the heat and humidity crowd. The whining tends to pause momentarily and then starts up again as if there was only a minor glitch in the brain requiring a “refresh.”

Well, there is nothing I can do but enjoy the coolish weather, while it is still here.


~ by angryegg on August 5, 2009.

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