True Blood Obsessed

I had heard of the show and wanted to see it but I don’t get HBO.

I watch way too much television and I really don’t need to upgrade my Rogers package.

A friend of mine at work loves the show and suggested I download it and watch it online.

I was sick the other day and there was nothing on the tube to take my mind off feeling crappy so I googled True Blood.

I am officially hooked.

To say that I have a fascination with vampires is an understatement. I loved Buffy and Angel and even watched all the short-lived vampire series they came out with in the past couple years. I would watch vampire anything as a child and will give books involving vampires more than a passing look.

But I am also a big fan of Alan Ball.

On Wednesday I watched 8 ½ episodes. I finished the first season yesterday and started the second. I promised myself that I would not talk to people about this until I am caught up. All my friend would tell me is that she is totally in the Bill camp. But how could you not love Sam or Eric??

At the Star Trek Convention a few weeks ago, I saw Michelle Forbes. She plays a mysterious character that arrives towards the end of the first season (naked with a pig). I should have watched it beforehand so I could pick her brain about the show. If there is a god, they will get someone else from the show to be a guest speaker next year.

I can only find the second season on MegaVideo so I am limited to 72 minutes of viewing at a time. I doubt I will be able to get caught up before we drive out to my parents’ place but I will try. They do not have internet access so I will likely have to wait until I get back into Toronto.

I should not be such a suck about it. When the second season ends, it will likely be an eight or nine month wait for the third season.

I have recently gotten back into the good graces of the library so I will likely have to feed my habit by reading the original source material for the series- the novels by Charlaine Harris.

But for now, I have about nine episodes to go….


~ by angryegg on July 31, 2009.

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