Day 39: Toronto Garbage Strike…Drawing Closer To An End

To say the last few days have been a rollercoaster ride is an understatement.

There was a deal to be voted on yesterday and in the 11th hour, CUPE 416, the smaller of the two unions (who represent the outside workers), was back at the bargaining table. Huh?

Now it looks like we are on again.

Workers could be back 12.01am Friday if everything goes through.

CUPE 79 (the union representing the inside workers) voted to accept their contract yesterday afternoon and city council is set to meet Friday morning to ratify their end. There are rumbles of disapproval from some councillors but at this point, I think it would be political suicide if the vote doesn’t go through.

The main sticking point with CUPE 416 was the plan to hire contractors to assist in clearing out the almost 30 temporary dump sites. The last details were hammered out and the vote is scheduled for today.

So many of the services will likely not be up and running until next week at the earliest and realistically not until the following week but I am thinking happy thoughts.

I will continue to hang onto my garbage, recycling, green bin recycling and yard waste until I get the go ahead to leave it out for the refuse fairies. I have held onto some of this stuff over six weeks- what is a few more days?

Thankfully I am going out to the city this weekend. If there is a god, I will return to a city that functions again and is hopefully a little (a lot) cleaner.


~ by angryegg on July 30, 2009.

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