Day 37: Toronto Garbage Strike (Almost) Over

Tentative deals were hammered out yesterday between the two unions (CUPE 412 and CUPE 79) and the city of Toronto.

The deals go to union members tomorrow to be ratified.

What does this mean?

Well, if the majority of the union members vote in favour of the deal, we have an agreement and all signs seem to be pointing to “Yay.”

But what does this mean?

Well, picketing is still happening- I suspect, until the vote takes place and we get the happy result.

Mayor Miller has stated taxpayers will not be getting anything back for the inconvenience of the strike. (Insert shoulder shrug.)

A plan is apparently in place to remove the piles of trash that have been accumulating at the temporary dump sites but people can continue bring trash to the sites that are still open. Logic would have it that trash disposal at the sites that are already closed can start right away but no one knows right now.

There will be assessments of said sites (apparently) by the Ministry of the Environment but nothing has been made public as yet.

It is pretty much guaranteed that there will be no regular pickup until next week at the earliest. Also keep in mind the civic holiday will delay things.

We have been storing all our garbage, recycling, green bin and yard waste for the last 5 ½ weeks but I haven’t heard confirmation if we have to adhere to the limits usually placed on us. If we are force to do so, I will be annoyed but I will follow the rules.

Damn it!

It will be interesting to see what kind of fallout there will be for Miller and the unions. If tv interviews of random people on the street can be considered representative of the prevailing mood of the citizens of Toronto, Miller may have to look for a new job after the next election.

In all fairness, we don’t know the terms of the deal that was struck but people are very quick to assume the worst and make him the scapegoat but some of these people are VERY pissed off. I was shocked. I can’t help but wonder if the more irrate people are Tory supporters. Hmmmm….

I am not a fan of Miller but I am not willing to hang him out to dry just yet. The details of the deal will come out soon enough.

We will soon see if he deserves the ire.


~ by angryegg on July 28, 2009.

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