People Suck….Or, Is A Good Sandwich Too Much To Ask?

I remember now why I hate going to the St. Lawrence Market Saturday.

Too many people blocking the narrow hallways because they are clamoring for sausage or cheese samples but don’t have the sense to do it in such a way that everyone one else isn’t also affected.

But to be passed over twice to get a substandard sandwich? 

Complicit counter staff and extra pushy customers- brilliant combination. If it wasn’t that time of the month and I hadn’t discovered earlier in the day that my bank card was missing and had to get it replaced, I might have handled it in a more sassy sarcastic way but I was fuming. Do I play the race card, the woman card or the midget card? All three apply….

But if the sandwich was spectacular, much would have been forgiven.

World Famous my butt.

What were people raving about? It is passable but for $5.99, it was neither filling nor memorable. Four anemic slices of peameal? Really? 

While the bakery section of the establishment is fine, the Montreal-style bagels would more accurately be described as wannabe Montreal-style bagels. Thankfully I will be in Montreal in a couple weeks and will load up then.

Do yourself a favour and go to the Italian place downstairs. For an extra $1.50 (approximately), you can get a stacked chicken and eggplant sandwich with amazing homemade sauce and sauteed peppers, mushrooms, onions and hot peppers. I keep meaning to try one of the other sandwiches but I love this one- my resolve always weakens and I go back to my old faithful. Order one for yourself if you are REALLY hungry and you have time for a nap afterwards but split it with a friend if you eat like a “normal” person.

Trust me on this one.


~ by angryegg on July 25, 2009.

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