Day 32: Toronto Garbage Strike….It’s Not Just About Garbage

Even if you are lucky enough to live in a building with private pick-up, you still have to deal with the garbage on the streets and having nowhere (technically) to put your trash or recycling between work/play and home. A lot of people refuse to take their litter home so the rest of us have to deal with it wherever it may land.


Okay, so some very resourceful people have started to attach bags to some of the garbage/recycling bins- at least that is better than dropping trash on a pile next to the bins.


But there are a lot of other people hit hard by the strike in different ways- and they are generally in lower income brackets.

Over 2800 kids were in daycare facilities affected by the strike and all the kids whose families cannot afford to send them away to camp saw the pools and the majority of the community centres (and thus their shut down. With the parks gradually being appropriated for temporary dump sites, where are they to go?

It didn’t even occur to me that building permits would also be put on hold. Habitat for Humanity build sites have stalled so the original move-in dates for the Habitat Partner Families  are in jeopardy. Mayor Miller recently announced that any permit applications submitted before the strike began will be processed but they will call when your permit is ready. No one is available to answer any questions so it is very much a case of “don’t call us, we’ll call you” so everyone will have to keep their fingers crossed.

On the crawl this morning, it stated the strike could lead to an increase in incidents of STDs.


Public nurses walked off the job as part of this action so any public or low-cost clinics were shut down. Ahhh…. Okay.

As Toronto works its way through the fifth week of the strike, it was announced that Windsor’s 15 week ordeal may be coming to an end. A deal has been worked out and it goes to union members for ratification tomorrow.

I really hope Toronto’s strike doesn’t drag itself into double-digit weeks. I am going to hang onto my garbage and green recycling as long as possible. It’s a hassle to haul it to a dump site and I guess we are a wee bit lazy. Our garbage container (the second smallest size available) is full and our recycling bin has almost reached maximum capacity- even though we have been more diligent than usual in crushing everything that can be reduced in volume. I haven’t noticed any dumping in my backyard (yet, touch wood) but people have thrown their recycling in my container. We have the largest recycling container you could order (way bigger than I expected) so that doesn’t really bother me- I can always get a box and start using it for recyclable items.

Things are relatively sane in my neighbourhood so I am just going to stay positive that any shenanigans will be kept to a minimum while we all wait this thing out.


~ by angryegg on July 23, 2009.

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