Explosive Hell’s Kitchen

I had a vague idea that a new cycle of Hell’s Kitchen was starting up but I wasn’t really interested. I just came off watching a disappointing cycle of Canada’s Next Working Top Model (really, Braceface…. not my moniker for her, a friend’s- appropriate since we all had trouble even remembering her name) and I never agree with the selection of the “chef” that comes out on top.

I understand this is not really “reality” tv, that it has been cast and edited to create the most drama, put the most bums in seats in front of the tube.

But come on! Where do you find these people???

We caught the last 15 minutes- enough to see people alternately try to get raw chicken or charred fish past Gordon Ramsay. People, did you not watch any of the previous seasons? Nothing gets past Chef and you are a fool for trying. Both kitchens were shut down and the “best” of the sad lot were tasked with choosing the worst to be put up for elimination. 

There was a not so slow build up to near violence during the selection process and then the proverbial sh!t hit the fan when one arrogant hothead throws down his jacket and challenges Ramsay to continue the conversation in the parking lot.

Oooohhhh…. The show ends with clips of fire trucks rushing to the entrance of Hell’s Kitchen and people being evacuated.

They know how to close a show- that’s for sure. My boyfriend is hooked. I wouldn’t be surprised if he puts it in his calendar.

I love food and it pains me to see all those mistakes chucked in the bin. Of course I think I could do better but I would never put myself through that. Though, I have to admit, it would be funny to see what kinds of hoops they make prospective contestants jump through to get the chance to be humiliated on national tv.

If I were younger, the thought of running a fancy high-end restaurant would be appealing but I can’t help but wonder how much control the winners really have.

There is very little on tv these days so there is a chance I will be watching to see who wins the pissing contest.

My money is on the Brit.


~ by angryegg on July 21, 2009.

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