Tennis in Cracktown

There are a few people in the office who are avid (rabid?) tennis fans. Some of us have gone out in the past but it was so crazy at work last year that we missed the entire season.

Four of us finally made it to some courts in an area we lovingly refer to as “Cracktown.”

What I didn’t realize until two hours before we were to head out was the tennis courts’ proximity to a temporary dump site- about 30 metres.


It wasn’t too bad. We were afraid because of all the reports how the stench off these garbage heaps were enough to make you faint but we didn’t get a whiff of anything other than dog poo. Why do dogs feel obliged to do their business right beside the fence??? Guess it could have been worse.

We were warming up, trying not to look stupid when the wind periodically took a ball out of reach. I didn’t get the brunt of it but some drunk guy was trying to tell us how to play. It looked like he was trying to show one person in particular how to follow through the ball. His motion actually looked pretty accurate.

After we started playing, he continued to yell things at us. I was at the other side of the court but I could smell beer and see the can he was holding. (Budweiser apparently.) There is nothing like being heckled by a drunk guy.

It was fun but the courts were busy so we could only stay on for about half an hour. I got away with only being hit once (by my partner’s serve!) but one of the other girls was hit twice and almost a third time when her partner got a good serve in that surprised me. I just wanted to get it back and ended up aiming it at her unintentionally. Her racket got in the way of the ball- thankfully. She would have taken it in the forehead otherwise! I felt bad enough with the near miss but I would have been mortified if she had been clocked.

We had to force ourselves off the court after the 30 minute time limit. The drunk guy seemed to want to hang out and some other guy waiting for a court tried to give the girl who got smacked twice pointers on her ball toss.

It was too much!

I can’t wait to go again!


~ by angryegg on July 17, 2009.

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