Don’t Stick Your Neck Out, Part 2

Well, I dug my Bodum out of an upper cabinet, ground the beans that I would need for the next week or so and brought it all to work this morning.

I waited to make coffee, hoping I wouldn’t run into the person who dismissed me yesterday. It’s Friday, we got paid today, I am looking forward to the weekend…. I really do not need a confrontation.

As luck would have it, she was right there waiting for the water to boil.

Murphy’s Law will get you every time.

I didn’t say anything and neither did she. I got a look and a modest eyebrow raise but there were too many people in the kitchen for her to make a snide comment.

My Bodum is a decent size so I offered to make coffee for the other person who was hoping to get better (cheaper) coffee into the office. I think I may have just firmly placed him in her bad books along with me.

Poor guy, he doesn’t know what he’s in for.

I was wondering last night if I should be worried. There are some things that she kind of controls but for the most part none of it affects me directly. I can deal. I have dealt with much scarier, more vindictive people in positions of control and influence and survived to tell the tale. Besides, would it really hurt the reputation that I have established in this company?

Likely not. The only person she could commiserate with is someone who has already been bad-mouthing me (and I despise her anyway) so go crazy is all I can say.

Using my own beans to make coffee takes a bit more time but financially, this is the only way I can get a decent cup without beggaring myself. I’m not hurting anyone.

I can make a pretty good case for myself if I have to and if I have to deal with any repercussions, so be it. Besides, all I can do is change what is within my power to do so- how other people conduct themselves is outside my sphere of influence.


And the coffee tasted fantastic! I just need to remember that the Bodum takes a slightly coarser grind.

Next time.


~ by angryegg on July 17, 2009.

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