To Text or Not To Text

A bunch of people were wedged into the elevator in my boyfriend’s building. Everyone was a little spacey because we were all heading to work. There were two people off to one side furtively texting, heads bent over, shoulders hunched. It sounded loud because no one was talking.

I almost laughed. I saw my boyfriend glance at me but I didn’t want to look right at him. I knew exactly what he was thinking and I didn’t want my own disdain to be so obvious.

We waited until we were out of earshot before we sassed them. I told him to shoot me if I ever did that- unlikely since I got a (second hand) cell phone only a couple months ago and I don’t have texting capabilities…maybe…I’ll have to check.

I was thinking this might be something funny to write about and then I almost got taken out by some guy texting as he walked. I see it all the time but I have never come so close to being clocked. They should build sonar into phones that get activated only while texting on the go.

Hmmm…. I wonder if this could be an iPhone app?

Mental note: must talk to tech savvy friends.

And then I read this story about a girl who fell down a manhole because she was texting. Talk about a rude (and stinky) awakening! At least she didn’t get run over by a bus.

I’ve had people text while we were walking together, at dinner, in the theatre…. I may have suggested surgical implantation so they could text while they slept or showered.

What would they do without their crackberries?

On the news last night they did a story about kids going to this camp where all electronics are banned. They are completely cut off from the world for four weeks. No computers, no cell phones, no pagers, no iPods. Nothing. If they want to send a message home, they have to put pen to paper.

They interviewed them as they started camp and they were all traumatized by the prospect of being cut off from the world. They felt like one of their limbs had been cut off. But two weeks in, they got it. They no longer felt the pressure to be connected. They realized all the urgent things that concerned them were inconsequential. They didn’t need the constant bombardment to feel important.

Their priorities had been rebooted.

I love it.

We are constantly inundated with information and stimuli- more than we can possibly process.

We need to tune out to tune back in- or at least to avoid falling down manholes.


~ by angryegg on July 14, 2009.

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