Week 4: Toronto Garbage Strike…. Really?

Week 4 already?

Where has the time gone?

Seems like only yesterday the inside and outside workers walked off the job and there was a threat of a strike by workers at the LCBO.

Well one crisis was averted and the other lingers like a bad smell.

Thankfully the forecast I saw last week predicting seasonal temperatures has not come to pass- something only I am happy about (apparently). The garbage piled up in the dump sites will continue to cook- just not as quickly as they would in 29° weather.

Mayor Miller was on the news again this morning but I wasn’t paying attention. The unions are cheesed that he revealed information last week about his negotiating position but none of this gets us closer to a resolution. If anything, both sides are digging in their heels and Torontonians are up to their ankles in filth.

I am thinking hip-waders might be a prudent investment.

I was outside during a break, enjoying the 22° weather, when we noticed three guys trying to stuff more garbage into a garbage can that was ready to explode. I made a snide comment about littering. My friend laughed. We watched them struggle and I continued to sass them but the wind took my cheek in a totally different direction. I guess it must be difficult to walk that coffee cup back to the office to recycle. Oh well, these hardships that are just too great for some people to bear and I should try be a better person and understand their plight.

I feel really bad for the parents who had to make other arrangements for daycare. I feel even worse for the kids (largely lower income) who relied on the pools and community centres for a place to go in the summer. These people have been lost in the fray while everyone else bitches about something they have some control over.

And yes, we do have a degree of control over the amount of garbage we produce- it is just a question whether or not we choose to exercise that control.

Garbage collection is something we generally don’t want to think about and this strike is putting garbage in our faces- literally. I may put thought into reducing my garbage and recycling but I spend relatively little time thinking about where it goes after it gets collected. Now I put even more thought into reducing my trash to the bare minimum and I have been looking a little deeper into what happens to the refuse when it leaves my sight.

This is stuff we should all be thinking about as we duck garbage being blown about by the wind.


~ by angryegg on July 13, 2009.

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