Rock Star Butchers

Read an interesting article about the new indie rock gods of the culinary world.

Run Vegetarians Run!!!!

I practically grew up in my parent’s restaurant, have cooked in other restaurants (sometimes the competition, sorry Mom and Dad) and put in many more years as a personal chef. I tend not to be squeamish about too many things (whole fish and amphibians excepting) so I didn’t really understand why ex-roommates have run screaming from the kitchen when I prepared chicken or beef. It’s not like I played with off-cuts, organ meats or parts that screamed “animal.”

Where did they think meat came from? Meat doesn’t magically appear in the grocery store in plastic wrapped Styrofoam packaging. As I recall, one of the girls liked eating veal…. Yes, the irony was lost on her.

What is described in this article would probably make them gag.

There is a movement towards traditional, artisanal, old-world techniques that shares a connection with the desire to know where one’s food comes from and the people involved in the entire process.

And a big player in this is the cleaver wielding butcher.

I have to admit that I don’t have a close relationship with a butcher. There is a local butcher I will go to for decent steaks or organic poultry. There are a few decent meat counters at St. Lawrence Market and The Healthy Butcher on Queen. The Healthy Butcher offers hand-on classes and demonstrations– not unlike the ones described in the NY Times article. I have thought about taking a class in the past and my interest has been rekindled.

I would love a more hands on experience but the only thing offered right now is one for poultry and I already know how to do the most of the things outlined in the class description. It could still be fun except that, upon closer inspection, the class is full.


A few months ago, I was visiting my parents and we struck up a conversation with a woman at the Shopper’s Drugmart check-out. I don’t remember how we got onto the topic but I mentioned that I have worked as a personal chef and she said that her son had just finished up at George Brown where he discovered his love of butchering. I thought it was a very interesting thing to be passionate about.

Very primal.

I don’t know if I would describe butchers as sexy but I haven’t gone to a demonstration of their skills so I reserve the right to change my mind. I am just not sure if I would want to see such a demonstration with a cocktail in hand. I’m not knocking it. The image of such an event seems a bit surreal to me.

I would personally love the opportunity to hone my knife skills but I don’t think I would choose this as my profession. But then, I still don’t know what I want to do with my life so anything can happen.


~ by angryegg on July 8, 2009.

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