Palin to Go for the Brass Ring?

For the good of the state of Alaska, she is going to do the right and honourable thing by rolling over resigning?

The first term Governor has been a polarizing figure since she exploded onto the national political scene as McCain’s Vice-Presidential running mate. 

She has been vilified by the left and moderate right, held up as a paragon of ultra right-wing Republican virtues and a gift to late night talk show hosts.

Her interviews and statements continue to be incomprehensible- remind you of anyone else? A two-term President whose father was a one-term President before him? The senseless rambling yokel-isms didn’t seem to hurt W from being elected twice, why should this hurt her?

True, the game is very different if you are a woman- look at the race for the Democratic ticket between Clinton and Obama. Interestingly, Palin never got the kind of criticism that was thrown at Clinton- in that respect, she received the kid glove treatment. 

Some suspect that she is quitting with a year and a half left in her term in order network and raise the funds necessary to mount a campaign. This is something that would be a bit of a challenge to do while maintaining her role as Governor in Alaska.

With all the rumblings of impropriety and scandal, now may be as good a time as any to cut her losses. People tend to have very short memories. She may take a bit of heat now but who will remember any of this when she tosses her hat in the rink? Hopefully she will take some of that time to get herself sorted on key issues and actually read some of the newspaper and magazines she could not name.

Could you just imagine if she got herself on top of the ticket? It would interesting (and frustrating) and I can’t help but wonder who would be her running mate. 

If Palin is headed where a lot of people think she is, Tina Fey (a hero of mine) may just have to dust off the red suit, up-do and designer glasses. 

Let the fun and games begin….


~ by angryegg on July 4, 2009.

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