Day 11: Toronto Garbage Strike….Can’t I Just Pay My Taxes??

I wasn’t thinking clearly when I made my way to City Hall this morning to pay my property taxes.

Duh, strike.

Picketers stopped us a few feet from the entrance and we, obliging Canadians and tourists alike, waited quietly until they let us go. A couple people thanked us as we walked by. We were just out of earshot of the picketers when one of the people next to me kind of jokingly asked why they were thanking us- since we really had no choice. I, being my smartass self, said that they were probably just relieved we were not belligerent. I would normally use more colourful language but they were strangers and I didn’t want to scare them.

I asked the person at the Information Desk what my options were since I was caffeine-free and was not thinking clearly. She said I could try one of the library branches listed on the back of my bill for alternate drop boxes, pay online, go to a bank (also known as the sixth circle of Hell) or mail it in.

I kind of looked at her and said that if I mailed it in, it would be considered late and I would get dinged for late fees. She just shrugged, I said my thank you (with a smidge of “for nothing”) and left. As inconveniences go, it was minor. I had gone early enough that I would not be late for work.

But my bill was still not paid. Argh.

I had only brought a cheque and the stub for payment so I asked my boyfriend to bring me the rest of the bill. Sometimes working within a five minute walk from each other is very convenient. I checked the the bill and every other piece of paper in the envelope- twice.

Nothing…. I thought I was still hypnotized because I could not find any reference to a library drop off.

I checked online and found the page I needed and there are no libraries in the downtown area on the list. Great! My only recourse is to go to a bank teller. I could pay online but the payment itself may not show up in time to avoid late charges. (Mental note: Set it up tonight and pay online from this point on.)

I was late paying a water bill once, by a day, and it is worth the agony of waiting in line at the bank to save myself the $50 (or whatever the charge was- I don’t remember the amount, I just remember the pain).

Who do I have to strangle to pay my taxes??? Kidding. I am whiny because this has become more of a production than originally anticipated. It will all get sorted and I know better going forward.

I already pay most of my bills online so I will take it one step further with my payments to the city. I am going to cut people and paper out of this equation- online banking is my friend.

On the plus side, the Farmer’s Market across the street seems to be back, though not in full force. I couldn’t really tell as I walked by but there is a slim chance I might be able to get my Farmer’s Market pie. I am keeping my fingers crossed- I could really use that pie tonight!


~ by angryegg on July 2, 2009.

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