Michael Jackson: 1958-2009

It doesn’t seem real and it probably won’t sink in for a while.

I haven’t really been a fan of his newer work and the freak show that was his life in the last decade or so made it very easy to forget how unbelievably talented and influential he actually was.

People haven’t stopped talking about this since the rumour of his demise started to circulate yesterday afternoon. I came home from work and this was the first thing that came on air. I was watching BBC. You could tell they didn’t want to cut away to another story but they really had nothing to report.

All they had was circumspection, uncorroborated reports and an aerial view of the hospital and the growing crowd that was gathered outside. Uri Geller called in to say something about Michael Jackson but he had nothing to add, nothing of value to say and it was blatantly self-serving.

It all felt a little unseemly. Dirty.

Musically, he deserves to be heralded in the same way as The Beatles and Elvis but I have trouble separating his contribution to music from the circus that defined the latter part of his life. I couldn’t possibly understand how his experiences scarred him but he is ultimately culpable for his actions- as we all are.

He was a damaged genius and I hope he is finally at peace. The brouhaha surrounding his death will not subside for a very long time. I am concerned about his children and whether the people around them will have their best interests at heart. We can only cross our fingers on that one.

I won’t be leaving flowers and teddy bears at memorials or going to any candle light vigils.

I want to remember him as the 10 year old phenom fronting The Jackson Five who blew everyone away with his voice and charisma.

I want to remember him for his greatest legacy, his music.


~ by angryegg on June 26, 2009.

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