Day 3: Toronto Garbage Strike, Snitch Line is Up and Running

Hmmm…. Mayor Miller is taking a stand. Dumpers will be fined- just good luck catching them.

But the “snitch” line is operational- 416 338 0338 for anyone who would care to do their duty and report an incident.

I am tempted to call just to see what they say but I am leery of Big Brother. I might be accused of pranking City Hall and be made an example of- an extra “special” fine for me.

But seriously, it is pretty gauche of people to be dumping their crap in parks and other public spaces, or anywhere for that matter. It is a big “F-you!” to everyone who follows the rules and waits the hours it is apparently taking to unload refuse at the waste transfer stations. It wouldn’t surprise me if these people are creating extra garbage just because they think they can dump it with impunity.


I walked by the three garbage bins I photographed yesterday. On the first you could tell that people ripped off the plastic wrap, dumped some garbage and then someone came back and closed them again with plastic. The second got cleaned up a bit and rewrapped and the pile of garbage continues to grow at the third.

And this is only Day 3 of the strike. Different people on the union side seem very discourage by the talks. This does not bode well.

What can we do? They will have to continue duking it out themselves and we have to keep plugging away, reducing the amount of garbage we produce where we can. I continue to make my lunches since take-out creates a lot of garbage. The coffee at work sucks but I am resisting the temptation to go to Tim’s for a French Vanilla. I may give in and buy a travel mug- but I want to check with the people at Tim’s to see how that would work.

Or I could just be an @ss do whatever the hell I want to do- everyone else be damned.

But I won’t because I would feel massively guilty even though I am not Catholic. I do believe in Karma though and I need as many brownie points as I can get so why waste on the easy stuff?


~ by angryegg on June 24, 2009.

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