Day 2: Toronto Garbage Strike +

There weren’t bags of garbage being blown about on my way to work but I only have to walk a short distance.

What I did notice, however, was that about half the garbage/recycling bins on the street had the plastic wrap either ripped off completely or pushed aside so people could dump their refuse.

Really?? On Day 2?

Really?? On Day 2?



Seriously? You couldn’t wait until you got home or arrived at work to dump your crap?

To say that it is irresponsible is an understatement but herd mentality being what it is, other people will see this and think it is okay. After all, they didn’t start it, someone else did. (Yes, apparently we are all stuck at the mental age of five.)

Do people not get that we will have to live with this until the strike is over? There are no magic little garbage faeries that come out in the dead of night to take away all that is unsightly and icky.

As it should be on Day 2. How long will it last?

As it should be on Day 2. How long will it last?



Some people are even leaving garbage beside the receptacle- and it is ONLY DAY 2 @!!!$?!!!

And this isn't even the worst of it.

And this isn't even the worst of it.



What happens on day 3 or 4 or 10 or 21?

When will people clue in? I understand that we all have our selfish moments but really? What next?

Not having our garbage removed instantly is annoying. It is something we all take for granted. Get a grip and deal. Isn’t that part of what it means to be an adult???

According to the news, people were being fined for dumping garbage just outside the transfer stations because union members were barring entry. That would not endear me to their cause and once good will is lost, good luck getting it back. Take note, public support is a good thing. Everyone needs to take a deep breath and do the best we can. Of course, I have yet to check my back yard for dumping…. I’ll see how calm I can remain if (when) that happens.

On a positive note, the Beer Store will not be affected if the union workers at the LCBO strike tomorrow.

And a collective sigh and a general “Whoohoo!” can be heard across Ontario.

Happy Days!

However, if you love your liquor or your specialty beer, you still have one day to back up the truck- just in case.


~ by angryegg on June 23, 2009.

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