Day 1: Toronto Garbage Strike

Oh yay- another garbage strike.

The last one in 2002 also took place in the throes of summer- fantastic timing.

Of course it is not just the garbage pick-up that has been cancelled. Public daycare, public pools and recreation centres are also closed- leaving people stranded. If I had kids and relied on these services, I would be pretty pissed right now since my options would likely be limited. 

As timing would have it, this week is garbage week- even better timing. Thankfully, we don’t put out that much garbage but it may become a factor if this goes on for a long time. I had a quick look at a notice on the Toronto website. It gives a pretty comprehensive list of what is and isn’t available and the locations of the transfer stations. They are all pretty inaccessible if you don’t have a car but more drop-off points will be made available if the strike lingers. Something to look forward to.

Other municipalities already have contingency plans in place to deal with illegal dumping. Fines range from $505 to $5000 in Markham- who would be so ridiculous as to take that chance?

I am just wondering if people will start (continue) dumping their garbage on my property? I have been experiencing some dumping since the changes to garbage pick-up. You can still dump as much garbage as you want- you just have to pay for it…. Instead of reducing the amount of garbage, some people just feel entitled enough to make it someone else’s problem. 

I don’t know who’s side I am on- neither really. I am not the biggest fan of Miller (though he is a huge improvement on mayors past, hello, Lastman anyone???) and having been in a union in the past, not a fan of unions either. No one is being forthright at this point and maybe they can’t since negotiations are ongoing (I hope) so I really don’t know if either is on the side of right.

Well, I reserve the right to be annoyed at both. I, like everyone else, will have to deal with things as best as I can. Tourism in Toronto will likely take a hit as a result- exactly what we need given the state of the economy. The city needs a boost and this won’t be it. I just wonder how it will affect all the things going on in the city like Pride.

On a positive note, maybe this will “encourage” people to think a little harder about what they throw out and make better buying decisions to reduce what goes into their garbage in the first place.

Or maybe they will just randomly dump it on some unsuspecting person’s backyard…


~ by angryegg on June 22, 2009.

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