Day 1: Toronto Garbage Strike, et al, Part 2

Pride will go on but Canada Day festivities are canceled pending a quick resolution to the strike.

That is just fantastic.

But let’s throw another potential wrench on the proceedings. Wednesday is the strike deadline for workers at the LCBO. 

What will we do without our booze and our fireworks?

I see riots in the streets.

Seriously, that will suck but a little planning NOW should avert the worst. 

Stock up on liquor today and tomorrow. We should bring ALL empties to the Beer Store to fund your booze stockpile AND reduce the amount of recyclables that you now have to hold onto until the end of the strike.

A friend and I have joked that we should go around the neighbourhood early Saturday and Sunday morning with our bundle buggies to pick up all the empties to fund our respective cheese habits. We would be doing our bit for the environment and the community.


But this would also affect any establishment that serves alcohol. To run a business properly, in tight economic conditions, one of the ways to manage cash flow is to keep a tight rein on inventory. How much alcohol could one place keep in stock. Not that much, I would guess.

Welcome to Toronto. 

I wonder if the Beer Store is also staffed by the same union?

Okay, I am fretting about something that may not happen. I don’t even drink that much but this is something that has the potential to greatly affect the city. 

But back to the municipal civil service strike. Apparently, garbage bins in public spaces that have not been closed up are now full to bursting and we are only hours into the first day! Why do people continue to dump their crap randomly? This kind of behaviour just makes the situation worse.

These are probably the same idiots who dump their excess garbage on other people’s lawns. People need to get a f@cking grip! We may get lucky and this will end quickly but this may turn into another Windsor situation where the outside workers have been on strike for 10+ weeks.

It doesn’t have to be this difficult. A little planning and a little forethought should reduce our garbage and green and blue bin output.

Pay closer attention to the amount of packaging at the point of purchase. Crush all aluminum cans and paper products to reduce the volume. Now may be a good time to start a compost bin. This will reduce the amount of organics accumulating in your green bin and it will (eventually) provide you with food for your soil. If the idea of composting in your backyard does not appeal, I would recommend freezing your bagged green bin items until you can take it to a transfer station. As unappealing as this may be, the alternative is much worse.

This may be a lot to ask of people who are used to having other people clean up for them but it is very doable.

Really. No joke.

A little effort will reap big rewards. Promise.


~ by angryegg on June 22, 2009.

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