Tennis Team Politics

Last year there was a bit of a crisis with the women’s team at my club.

The captain and co-captain had decided they couldn’t commit to the time necessary to keep it going and the task landed on my lap.

Actually, it was either going to be my responsibility or nothing. We would have lost the team. The club is very busy and it would be infinitely easier to keep it going than to try and start it up again later.

Luckily, it was relatively pain-free last year. Only one person was demanding but she was easy enough to manage in the end.

This year- not so much.

When I was just playing, I would show up, go where I was asked, play with whoever needed a partner and go home. Easy because I didn’t have to think- though sometimes I got stuck with very difficult partners. But by and large, I could ignore the politics, be Switzerland.

I am Switzerland no more. I am the target. I get the blame for everything- rightly or wrongly. I guess it comes with the territory.

Thankfully the person who was a bit of a problem last year has chilled out somewhat and some people who were made subs have given me the cold shoulder- what can I do?

But the thorn in my side this year is someone who was apparently a problem before. I remember the incident but I didn’t know who it was. I know now but too late to have excluded her from the team from the outset. As much as I love to win, my main goal has been to have a good time and to build the team up again. I don’t need this crap because it is bad for morale, it is not fair to the people who play with her, certainly not fair to our opponents and she is the kind of person who gives the club a bad reputation.

Well, Monday was the last straw. Though she has been bad-mouthing me to people who have no say in the team, no connection whatsoever beyond being members of the club, I decided to ignore it and continue managing the team as I had originally intended. She whines and complains and thinks she is better than the position I play her in. I could let that go because we all have bad days. But when she bails with no warning, wasting everyone’s time??

I believe in giving people second chances but she has just used it up. At this point, what happened will not adversely affect our ranking. We only have two games left and she is sitting both of them out. I am officially blacklisting her from my team. If that is a problem, she can take it up with the club because I refuse to have someone on the team who doesn’t consider the team before herself.

Some of my teammates jokingly said I was too nice. I warned them that they do not want to see my dark side. It is not pretty. If she forces my hand, it is not the claws that will come out….


~ by angryegg on June 17, 2009.

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