There is No One Magic Pill

I received a comment yesterday in response to my entry about the ridiculousness of the Raitt Isotope Affair

Can I call it that? She did refer to the topic as a “sexy” one so I think I am in the clear.

But I digress.

Although he wasn’t responding to the political aspect of my rant, the point he was trying to make is valid.

I feel the same frustration. Does something have to be shocking and sensational for us to care? Are we that numb to all the ills of the world that is has to be a horrific catastrophe for anyone to take notice? There is no magic pill or quick fix- and yet that is exactly what we expect. 

People will attach themselves to the newest, the latest and the greatest without the understanding that it will take a lot of initiatives, older and newer to get us out of the environmental quagmire that we currently find ourselves. Even Stephen Lewis grudgingly acknowledged in the speech he gave at this year’s Green Living Show that several countries (the U.K, France) have decided nuclear power is the only viable solution to reduce carbon emissions now- and not in the theoretical future with unproven technologies. 

The unfortunate thing is that the new is what gets all the attention. This becomes the hot solution that politicians are driven to support- bowing to the public pressure they think will help them get re-elected.

We need to use that lump of grey matter between our ears and be a little more discerning and perhaps skeptical. There are no absolutes, no black and white. There is no one solution but a basket of solutions that will help get us on the right path. 

All or nothing will get us nowhere.


~ by angryegg on June 11, 2009.

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