Radioactive Isotopes are “Sexy”???


Peoples lives are at stake and this is a sexy issue for you?

And no apologies?

Not insensitive at all.

Is this the kind of person we want in government as a representative for Toronto constituents or anywhere else?? 

Well, we know why Harper wants to keep this token around a little while longer but what happened to the declaration that Ministers are to take the ultimate responsibility for what happens with their staff? This is not the first time sensitive information was treated frivolously and something tells me this won’t be the last.

I don’t know what kind of “business woman” she was before she entered politics but maybe she should use what connections she has and go back to the private sector.

I find it interesting that this tape is coming out now. I only skimmed through the sworn affidavit of the reporter who broke this story and I found it a little unusual that he waited this long to listen to this recording. If I were the reporter, I would have been tempted to listen to the tape long before Raitt’s aid took the fall for leaving sensitive documents in the possession of CTV.

This is the kind of “oops” that makes me question the competence of the aid in the first place. Perhaps it is unfair to lay all the blame on her for the binder incident but to not pick up your recording device after how many months? Good luck finding a job- better leave attention to detail off the resume.

These are serious issues and no one is willing to take any responsibility.

Stop being so bloody cavalier with peoples’ lives.

Raitt and her defenders should be ashamed of themselves. Her detractors should hold these people accountable and force them to act responsibly and not waste anymore time with their inadequate excuse.

Get to the f@ing job at hand and come up with a viable solution for this problem.

Excuses and accusations are no longer good enough.


~ by angryegg on June 9, 2009.

3 Responses to “Radioactive Isotopes are “Sexy”???”

  1. Are we surprised? Look around you. This happens all the time.

    2 million people die in India alone each year from air pollution. Yet we are running in circles over carbon dioxide because it may play a part in global warming which may cause huge problems. AGW is a sexy issue… plain old air pollution is not.

    People go for the sexy issues… not the plain old boring ones. Being upset about that is about as fruitful as being upset that rain is wet. Get a raincoat instead.

    Millions of people starve to death each year. But the crops that could save them are being campaigned against because they are the result of genetic modification. GMO is sexy… starvation is not.

    Wind power is a notoriously troublesome source of power which requires massive backup, extensive renovation of electrical grids, and produces unreliable, noisy electricity. Nuclear power on the other hand is stable, plentiful and causes just as little emissions as wind power. Yet nuclear power is shunned while wind power gets all the free rides. Wind power is sexy, nuclear power is not.

    It is all around us all the time.

  2. While I was speaking more to the political shenanigans of our federal government and the resulting stalemate and inaction on issues that matter to me and hopefully my fellow countrymen (and women), I don’t disagree with the point you are trying to make. People have very short attention spans and tend to glom onto a sound-bite with little regard to context. I think everyone is all guilty of knee-jerk reactions to things we find unbelievable but hopefully we have the wherewithal to scratch the surface a little, ask questions, welcome dialogue about issues and care enough to do something about it.

  3. […] There is No One Magic Pill I received a comment yesterday in response to my entry about the ridiculousness of the Raitt Isotope Affair.  […]

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