Terminator Salvation…. Not So Bad

I really, really wanted to see this movie before it came out.

I love the Terminator series (even though the third movie was kind of a throwaway). The original still holds up in spite of the cheesy 80’s music and hairstyles. I adore Christian Bale (even though his was the rant that was heard around the world) and I am a fan of McG (I love Supernatural, the series he exec. produces).

But the reviews for Salvation have been lukewarm at best. And there was so much to like about the new Star Trek movie that I hesitated seeing Terminator immediately afterwards. I would have been comparing the two and that would not have been fair.

They are very different movies.

My brother really wanted to go see it and I figured it would be the kind of movie that would work better on the big screen so we saw it yesterday. We went for the cheapie, less-than-half-price-before-noon tickets so if the movie sucked, the sting would be mitigated somewhat. For about five minutes, I thought we would have a private screening but there ended up being about 20 people in the audience.

I liked it. I thought the visuals and special effects were good and some of the issues they touched on were interesting, namely John Connor as a lieutenant in the resistance as opposed to being the de facto leader. But what was up with his voice? Someone actually laughed over his initial grunts. This was really more a movie about the Marcus Wright character than John Connor but there was enough salvation to go around. Anton Yelchin was almost unrecognizable as Kyle Reese- a far cry from his turn as Pavel Chekov. It will be interesting to see how the relationship between John and his father plays out.

Given the less than stellar reviews I tried to go in with no expectations. That really is the only way one should go into a movie but that rarely happens. I was expecting to be underwhelmed but I left the theatre wanting to know what the next chapter will be.

I think they set it up well for the next go-around…. I just hope they don’t f#ck it up.


~ by angryegg on June 8, 2009.

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