Would You If You Were Ridiculously Wealthy?

Would I if I am ever ridiculously wealthy?

Spend hundred(s) of thousands of dollars on a bathroom?

I guess that would depend on how one would define “ridiculously wealthy.”

Would you? Could you? Should you?

We were watching an episode of HGTV’s Top Ten where they featured the top 10 bathrooms. Of course these picks are purely subjective and good only for debate but I couldn’t help but wonder why?

Without exception, these rooms were enormous- larger than your average studio in New York City.

Okay, so I am biased. I don’t spend a lot of time in the bathroom and I am the only woman I know who doesn’t like to take baths. I am a shower girl. Unless I need to soak away sports related aches, I just don’t take them. I feel slightly guilty about the amount of water it takes for a proper bath (and I only draw the absolute minimum) and the water always gets cold so quickly that there is almost no point. Plus the cleaning before and after. No thanks.

Because I don’t hang out there, it is unlikely that I will ever put in a flat screen t.v. or dedicate that much real estate to a bathroom.

I grew up in a household of eight with one full bath and one half bath. Sometimes it was a little annoying to wait for your turn but we managed. That is probably the reason I never understood why some houses had more bathrooms than bedrooms. I still don’t- unless you run a Bed and Breakfast.

My dream bathroom would be highly functional with beautiful materials, textures and fixtures. Spare but easy to clean. With a ridiculous amount of resources, I wouldn’t have to compromise my vision but it wouldn’t be enormous- even if I didn’t have to clean it anymore.

My weak spot- the kitchen.


~ by angryegg on June 6, 2009.

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