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I just spent some very anxious moments on the Roland-Garros website to find out who will go the men’s final on Sunday.

The sad and pathetic thing is that I wasn’t even watching a live stream of the second semi-final, or listening to a radio broadcast.

It was just the score update online.

They break it down to the point being played. When Federer was down two sets to one, I had to step away…. Waiting for the score to come up was too tense.

They even give you the service speed- which was especially stressful when del Potro cranked it up in the fifth set to take it to 4-5. That left Federer to serve out the match and he did- thank God!!!

Both semi-finals went to five sets- I wonder who it will affect more.

I have always loved the Swedes but I have to root for Federer. This is the only Slam he doesn’t have and I know he wants it bad. He is considered one of the greatest players ever but he will never be considered the greatest without the French Open under his belt. With Nadal knocked out by Soderling (the other finalist), this may be his best opportunity in four years. Of course, the title would not be as meaningful as beating the best clay court player in the world (some say of all time) but I am sure he will not be any less happy if he takes it on Sunday.

And this is sad to say but he turns 28 this year and in the men’s game, that is getting up there in age. He’s not over-the-hill by any stretch but things will continue to get tougher for him. Since losing Wimbledon last year, he has been looking more vulnerable and the other players on the circuit know it.

But then who am I? These are only my two cents- and that is about all it is worth.


~ by angryegg on June 5, 2009.

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